Quite often, I get asked for referrals for things that I talk about and the experiences I’ve had.

If you are new to me and “all things Trudi,” here’s a little side note:

How I choose a business, person or service for me is from checking if the energy is expansive.

How do I feel and how present and kind they are with me during a session? Is there an energetic value we both receive from each other? Then, lastly the money. Money is never the first thing I use to decide.

My currency is how nurtured I will feel with the person & service I am choosing.

My approach is as a connector and contributor, knowing that the world is abundant with wealth, kindness and love!
It’s costs me nothing to share and in return, it fills my heart and spirit to see others “soar and be recognized” for their beautiful gifts!

When I am in Alberta:

Laura May Boos: Registered Massage Therapist, Master Energy Healer, Breath Facilitator, Reflexologist. You can find her on Facebook: Spirited Energy and Wellness. Located in Edmonton Alberta

Optimum Health: This is for all my nutrition and wellness shopping. Edmonton Alberta, located in Oliver Square East & West.

Susie Stockham: Astrologist, psychic and energy body therapist Located in Calgary Alberta.

Amber Pavey:  Mindfulness & Wellness Educator Located in Calgary Alberta

Laurie Laursen: Health, Wellness & Life Educator and Therapist + Norwex Consultant and Educator. Call her at: +1 780-905-3945 or you can find her online right here: Check out her podcast: The Wealthy LaLa Show at:


When I am in Winnipeg:

Vita Health (Westwood): Nutrition and wellness shopping at Located in Winnipeg.

Evolution Massage & Wellness Center: Kirstie Partridge is my go to gal here!!! Registered Massage Therapists and so much more!
Contact: +1 204-334-1334 and located on 1050 Henderson Highway in Winnipeg.

Dawn Braden Massage Therapy: You can find her on Facebook and at +1 204-795-1233. Dawn is my go to gal here with Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy …..Love it!

Sundragon Studios: They offer many services and my favorite is Reflexology with Celine Klassen.

Chiropractic: Prairie Chiropractic: with Dr. Dan Therrian NETWORK chiropractic.

Chiropractic: Team Chiropractic: with Dr. Gerald Olin and Dr. Kerri Brooker Chiro and active release techniques and more!

Float Calm: Yes floating!!! Another fave!

Thermea Spa: The outdoor Nordik spa experience – open in all seasons and an experience to be had!


Inspiration, Science, and Wonder:

Abraham Hicks:

For soulful marketing and business support, I love Angella Johnson’s genius:

Mind-blowing meditations and teaching about life-changing tools from Dr. Joe Dispenza:

The Heart Math Institute:

Have you heard of Human Design? It’s a wonderous tool and my go-to person is Kris Prochaska at




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