I love speed and change can happen fast, which is why I work with people in one of two really simple ways:

  1. 20-minute Hot-Shot Sessions (single session or a 3-pack)
  2. 40-minute Clarity and Strategy Session (single session or a 3-pack)

Hot-Shot sessions are quick 20-minute sessions to can dial in the clarity and expand the possibilities. The result? You get into clear and congruent action with magically creating your life.

These sessions are great for quick check-ins and fast clarity

Clarity and Strategy sessions (40 minutes) are when you need more than just a quick check-in and we spend more time with strategy and mapping out action steps.

From real-estate deals, to business decisions, to personal development and relationships, these laser sessions make it easy for you to go for the things in your life you always wondered were possible.

(pssst, yes those things you’ve wondered about are TOTALLY possible!)

My clients love these highly-effective sessions and they achieve tremendous results.

So much more is possible when my curiosity and coaching come together with your willingness to create more in your life.

Choose your session type and if you want a single session or a 3-pack below:

Hot-Shot Sessions
(20 minutes)

($87 CAD)

($211 CAD)

Clarity and Strategy Sessions
(40 minutes)

($150 CAD)

($397 CAD)


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How I work with people is simple.
Single sessions or a package.

Your choice. #easy
(In person, online or by phone.) 

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